Britain’s Healthiest Workplace | Registration now open for 2018

Britain's Healthiest Workplace registration is now open Full details here. Britain's Healthiest Workplace, established in 2012 in response to the fact that many UK employers are failing to adequately invest in the health and wellbeing of their staff. Health-related lost productivity is costing the UK economy an estimated £73 billion, which [...]

Jamie Oliver calls for stand up desks in schools

Stand up desks in schools Jamie Oliver is one of a number of TV chefs, MPs and health experts calling for stand up desks in schools as part of a new government obesity strategy. For decades schoolchildren have been told to “sit down quietly”. Now campaigners are calling for stand-up desks [...]

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What happens in your body when you sit for too long!

Sitting disease and what happens when we sit for long periods! May people may not be aware of the effects that sitting for long periods has on our bodies.  In her article, Osteopath Rebecca Thorby from the Norwich Osteopathic Clinic talks about “sitting disease” and what happens to our body when [...]

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Simple stretches to get you moving while at work

Simple stretches, micro-breaks and mobilisations We recommend taking a three minute micro-break, starting every hour and eventually building up to every 30 minutes. During this short break, spend time doing two or three different exercises, with 40/50 repetitions of each. The exercises should be active or dynamic stretches with rhythmic movements [...]

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Symptoms of stress and the stress spectrum

THE SYMPTOMS OF STRESS Stress for some people can lead to an over-reliance on alcohol or drugs, food bingeing, withdrawing from family and friends, being angry, short tempered and impatient a lot of the time; sleeping too much and being disengaged and unmotivated which can lead to a seriously sedentary [...]