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Britain’s Healthiest Workplace registration is now open

Full details here.

Britain’s Healthiest Workplace, established in 2012 in response to the fact that many UK employers are failing to adequately invest in the health and wellbeing of their staff. Health-related lost productivity is costing the UK economy an estimated £73 billion, which would reduce significantly with adequate investment in health and wellbeing.

Fitness improves workplace wellbeing

Britain’s Healthiest Workplace aims to study the link between modifiable health risks and short-term productivity, develop a common understanding of what employee health and wellbeing means, and establish a common set of standards that can be applied to all industries. The survey uses a broad set of questions covering lifestyle, clinical and mental health, work engagement and productivity, and an in-depth assessment of the health and wellbeing interventions being offered by employers. Registration and full details can be found here.

The ranking recognises organisations with the healthiest workforces that also make the best efforts to improve staff health.

Take a look at the winners and biggest improvers of 2017 here.