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Our city centre showroom in Norwich is full of creative ideas, all designed to benefit and enhance workplace health and well-being.

Introducing elements of nature – space, natural light, colour and plants, simple biophilic design principles into the workplace, have been proven to increased staff productivity, creativity and morale.

Whether commercial or home working environments. Let us help you create a healthy, happy and stimulating workplace where the most talented, enthusiastic and ambitious individuals feel valued and empowered to do their best.

If you are relocating or refurbishing and would like to discuss a project, get in touch or come in and see us.

Sit stand working


Active working – a height adjustable desk and active seat will help keep you on your toes. Get on the up and UP.

Desk stretches for active working


Make stretching part of your routine throughout the day. Try three minutes every hour and see how your overall health and well-being benefits.

Bringing the outdoors in

Plants improve air quality and increase oxygen levels. Adding some greenery to your work environment improves performance, moral and improves well-being.

See the light

Natural and good lighting options make the world of difference to an environment but are often overlooked.

Silence is golden

Noise pollution can be a nuisance. Sound insulation, strategically placed, can help cut out unwanted noise, improving focus and concentration.

We’re 90% water

Often overlooked, good hydration is extremely important for the body and brain to function efficiently. Make sure drinking water is readily available.

Recharging your batteries

International companies acknowledge the advantages of offering employees quiet areas for relaxation and catnaps. Helps align the workday with our internal circadian rhythms.

Move on up

It only takes a minute to get your heart rate up. Ultra short, fast exercise sessions throughout the day to make you fit for life.

Colour your world

Colour in the workplace, the psychology of colour and its effects on health and well-being.

The power of art

The value of  art in the workplace, encouraging creativity, lifts the spirits and provides inspiration. We can help you to create a display within your budget.

Private pods & getting things done

Meetings, concentration and privacy. Pods and screens create quiet spaces to help cut out unwanted distractions, providing a private haven to help you get the job done!

Everything has its place

We aim for a ‘Zen-like’ office workspace when it comes to storage, and can provide bespoke solutions that are designed around your individual needs.

white board ideas collaboration

People make the world go round

Having a wipe-clean board or old school blackboard in the office enables your team to brainstorm more easily and can be designed to fit into your specific workspace.

Meditation and mindfulness

As we’re all aware, stress at work and home is a growing problem, and our tailored workshops will provide tools and practices to help you deal with whatever life throws at you!