Seating, chairs & stools HAG Capisco Puls olive colour


Seating that promotes movement, improves posture and in some cases activates your core while sitting. All our chairs and stools work in tandem with height adjustable desks as well as traditional static desks, so that you can find the perfect combination of sitting and standing throughout the day.

Seating, chairs & stools HAG Capisco Puls olive colour

There are a few factors to take into consideration when choosing the right style of active seating for you:

  • Height and adjustability – important whether you’re using a sit-stand desk or not.  Most designs have different gas lift options so choosing the right one for your height and use is critical.
  • Cushioning – the amount of cushioning will depend on how often and long you intend to sit. The Capisco Puls has less cushioning that the fully upholstered Capisco but is equally as comfortable.
  • Space – not an issue if you have lots of it but if space is at a premium stools work well and can be stowed under the desk when standing. Again, the design of the Capisco means it takes up very little space when stowed.
  • Assembly – ease of assembly can be a big plus.

Active seating allows you to sit, perch, or lean as you work, encouraging you to keep moving throughout the day.


Ergonomic seating, chairs incude HAG Capisco and Capicso Puls.  Probably the best and most versatile chairs for use with height adjustable desks. Huge range of fabric and colour choices.


Ergonomic stools can help to strengthen core and back muscles, while at the same time allowing the spine to achieve its natural curve. A happier body that stays alert and awake at work.