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Swopper Air

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The Swopper AIR has high-tech cushioning and a climate-regulating cover which brings a completely new dimension to sitting comfort – as if sitting on air! The cushioning has five intricately combined layers for feather-light bouncing with breathable, pressure-relieving, heat-regulated sitting.

Choice of four fabric colours, two base colours, with or without rollers.

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The (Swopper Air) Aeris Swopper range features a tilting spring mechanism that allows continuous multi-dimensional movement for the ultimate active seating experience!

Sitting still for any length of time on a Swopper Air stool is virtually impossible! It encourages dynamic sitting in the form of bouncing, swaying, rocking, jiggling and everything in between. All this movement stimulates the entire body, improving circulation and alertness. These micro-movements promote the strengthening of core muscles and correct alignment of the spine, playing a vital role in the prevention and cure of many back problems.

If you’re looking for a chair that helps keep you alert, focused, and energized… as well as being great fun to sit on, the Aeris Swopper Air is the chair for you!

Try the Swopper Air along with all the other products at our central Norwich showroom.  Some of our chairs are also available to trial in your own workspace at home or the office.

The Swopper chair can help:-

  • Improve posture
  • Provide relief for back pain
  • Strengthen and condition muscles of the back and abdomen
  • Improve nourishment to the intervertebral discs
  • Improve circulation
  • Assist lymphatic flow
  • Provide a fun and energizing experience while seated

Aeris pioneered the concept of Active Seating that allows natural movement during the unavoidable sitting we do in everyday life.  The concept of 3D ErgoDynamics encourages movement and is the cornerstone of their innovative seating designs.

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Additional information

Seat colour

Lime Green, Ruby Red, Silver, Stone Grey

Base options

Anthreacite glides, Anthreacite rollers, Titanium glides, Titanium rollers


Warranty3 years
Product Weight11kg
Weight Limit120kg
Seat Height45 - 59cm
Base DiameterWith Glides: 55cm - With Castors: 58cm
Seat Diameter40cm
Seat Width59cm
Mesh Fabricfive intricately combined layers for feather-light bouncing with breathable, pressure-relieving, heat-regulated sitting.
Boxed Weight13kg
Box Dimensions78 x 25 x 59cm


Swopper Air options

Four colour options: silver, ruby red, lime green and stone grey. Breathable net structure, 100% polyester.

A sturdy and very stable base ring available in anthracite or titanium - with or without rollers.

Five intricately combined layers for feather-light comfort with breathable, pressure relieving, heat-regulated sitting.